Choco Sun

Choco Sun is probably one of the smallest dwarf varieties with multi-flowering bright yellow flowers and dark centres with dark green foliage. Choco Sun grows no taller than a foot in height so is perfect for growing in a pot.
Colour: Yellow
Height: 10″ – 12″
Heads: 1 – 4

4 thoughts on “Choco Sun

  1. Recently bought 2 choco sun sunflowers each one had 1 very nicely bloomed flower on each. their still standing strong probably about 14 inches high, but the 2 flowers seem to be withering away. But there are also about 3 or 4 new ones that are starting to form. I just wanted to know if i should eventually cut all the big flowers that are withering away so the other ones will get more life. can also provide picture if needed

    • Yes, if you cut the dead flowers then the new blooms will get more energy but if you leave it on it should develop the seeds for you to save for next year.

  2. Hi, I recently bought one fully blooming Choco and planted into a garden box outside. It sits in great direct sunlight. We had continuous rain for about 4 days shortly after that, but it has been dry and sunny the last two days. Some the bottom leaves are turning yellow and crunchy. The yellow petals on the bloom are turning white a little bit. Is this a sign of too much water? If so, is it doomed or can I do anything to fix this?

    • They don’t tend to like a lot of water but the flowers don’t tend to last too long. I don’t think it is doomed, it is just coming to the end of its natural life.

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