Few people realise that there are many perennial varieties of sunflowers that will carry on growing year on year. Perennial sunflowers tend to be much bushier than their annual cousins.


Maximilian SunflowersHelianthus Maximiliani
Maximilian is an easy to grow heirloom perennial sunflower. It grows up to 8 feet tall with medium sized deep yellow flowers and long thin leaves. It has a long flowering period that usually starts in August and continues right through until the first frosts.
Colour: Yellow
Height: 6′ – 8′

Sunflower laetiflorus

Sunflower laetiflorusHelianthus x laetiflorus
A hybrid perennial sunflower which flowers in its first year. It has deep yellow 4 – 5 inch blooms which last for a long period and wide green foliage.
Colour: Yellow
Height: 5′ – 6′

Other varieties of perennial sunflowers to look out for are Lemon Queen,¬†Capenoch Star, Giant Sunflower, Helianthus x multiflorus, Helianthus nuttalli, Sawtooth Sunflower, Naked Sunflower, Swamp Sunflower, Thin-leaf Sunflower, Willow-leaved sunflower, Woodland Sunflower, Flore-Pleno, Loddon Gold, Monarch, Showy Sunflower, Soleil D’or, Jerusalem Artichoke.

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