Moonwalker sunflowers are a tall branching variety with multiple large heads and beautiful pale yellow petals with contrasting dark centres. Perfect to go in the back of a border or used for screening.
Colour: Pale Yellow
Height: 5′ – 7′
Flower Heads: 1 – 5

One thought on “Moonwalker

  1. Sunflowers, as I have observed from the pitlanngs of a Swiss friend,always drop some of their seeds into the garden soil beneath them, in front of her windows. Likely, the birds dislodge them. So it is a perpetual cycle. To avoid this, I plant Girasole instead, the Jerusalem artichoke, or “Native American artichoke” a tuber produced in the soil beneath the towering flower stalks that turn toward the sun. These again are never completely removed no matter what you think about having taken out every last one of them. They keep on recycling and actually growing larger. They are a recommended food for diabetics.

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